Drama Workshop

Over the last 2 days the school have welcomed ‘All Things Considered Theatre Company.’ The Company have worked with our students, over the last couple of days, exploring the difficult subject of Child Sexual Exploitation.

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Students took part in an interactive performance, “Tomorrow Night” followed by a workshop. The project has been created by the company using research and interviews with service providers and young people, young people who have been exploited and also the parents of young people who have been exploited. Its aim is to allow young people to become fully immersed in the performance where it almost “seems real” bringing it to life as if they were watching their close friend in the early stages of grooming. This then opens up a dialogue with the students, in a safe space, where they can discuss exploitation, relationships, the dangers and most importantly where they can go for help.

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Our students have found the project informative and engaging and said that they felt that they were really watching someone they cared about being groomed.

Overall, a fantastic success, one that gave way to sensitive and important topics.

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