Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Free School?

Free Schools have been introduced by the government to introduce greater choice and diversity into the world of education. These opportunities offer Free School proposers greater flexibility with the curriculum, innovative links to employers and new ways to support young people.

What inspired Everton in the Community to investigate the possibility of opening an Alternative Provision Free School?

The government announced the opportunities for Free Schools in 2010 and the invitation was there for charities to become serious providers of learning. The Everton in the Community Board of Trustees decided to investigate just how a Free School could be secured. Everton in the Community provides outstanding community provision, dealing with more than 30,000 participants a year. The charity had a strong track record in the education field, particularly through the Level 3 BTEC Extended National Diploma in Sport. The course boasts a 100% pass rate and is the equivalent of three A-Levels. The board of Everton in the Community considered that a Free School should be the next step in the development of community provision and education.

Where is the School located?

The Everton Free School Trust is located 42-44 Spellow Lane, Walton, L4 4DF.

What range of students does the School serve?

The age range is 14-19 and mixed gender. Students are referred to Everton Free School at the end of Year 9 or during Year 10 and 11.

How many young people will the School take?

The School will have an initial intake of up to 120 students rising to 200 when fully established after 3 years.

What is the Curriculum?

Students follow individually tailored learning programmes with an emphasis on choice and challenge. Each student is given a personalised assessment when they join Everton Free School. This is done in close consultation with the student and their family, supervised directly by the Deputy Principal. The curriculum will is integral to the personal and professional development of students and aim to inspire positive attitudes to learning.

Work-based learning opportunities and “authentic learning experiences” are a central feature of the provision. The Free School also works with partners to continue developing innovative curriculum models which maximise student progression and life chances.

What support has the Free School received?

Everton Free School has had fantastic support from local authorities, agencies and other schools, colleges and universities. The School is also working closely with industry associates and community partners to develop an exciting curriculum with “authentic learning” opportunities. In the Public Consultation, extraordinary levels of support from politicians, teachers, local organisations, families and individuals were recorded. To see a copy of the consultation click here.

Who pays for the Free School?

The set-up of the Free School, including capital and start-up costs, has been agreed with the Department for Education. The cost of each student place will be funded by the Education Funding Agency and in some cases “topped-up” by a “commissioner”. A commissioner refers to the organisation that needs the place for a student, for instance, a school, academy or local authority.

What is the investment from Everton Football Club?

Everton Football Club will support the Free School with generous ‘in kind’ investments. The ethos and philosophy of the Club will inform our values within the School – teamwork, dedication and commitment. A fantastic relationship with the Club means that the Free School will benefit from access to first-team players, resources and facilities as well as support from professionals around the Club.

How can Evertonians support this initiative?

There are many opportunities for Everton fans to be involved, whether that is providing sponsorship, opportunities for employment or mentoring young people. Everton Free School is committed to strong community integration and engaging with Evertonians is important.

Is the School only for Evertonians?

No. Everton Free School welcomes and support young people irrespective of whether they support Everton Football Club, Liverpool Football Club or have any other sporting allegiance.

What other information is available?

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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