All users must use any equipment appropriately and responsibly at all times and assume full
responsible for any activity carried out using their account or on equipment being used by
them at the time.

Internet Access – A filtered and managed connection to the Internet is provided to all
users. Staff and students must not access, or attempt to access websites that contain any
of the following: child abuse; pornography; extreme or radicalising views; promotion of
discrimination of any kind; promoting illegal acts; any other information which may be illegal
or offensive. It is recognised that under certain circumstances inadvertent access may
occur. Should staff or a student access any sites which may fall into the categories
described above you must report it in accordance with the reporting procedures.

Email – An email account is provided to each member of staff and student.
All communications for professional business including contact with students and parents
must be done through the school email systems. Any emails sent through the school
system must be appropriate and professional.

Monitoring – Internet activity, network activity and email are subject to monitoring and may
be viewed without prior warning.

Images and Videos – We encourage staff and students to use IT to capture work and
achievements as part of a portfolio of evidence or to celebrate work or achievements.
No images or videos should be uploaded to any website or social network without
permission and in the case of students, this includes the permission of the parents/carers.
No images or videos of students should ever be uploaded to staff personal websites or
social network accounts.

External Services and Systems – We use a range of services provided by third parties
such as Frog, Office 365 and Doddle which provide valuable resources to all members of
the Trust.

Users must only log into these services using their own login and password. Users are
responsible for all activity carried out during a session using your login.

Copyright including Software licensing – The school provides all users with access to a
range of software and services which are licensed by agreements with the companies
involved. Only licensed copies of software may be installed on any device. Users may not
download copyrighted software, audio or video files or any other copyrighted material. Any
such material found will be deleted without prior notification.

Data Protection – There is a large amount of personal and sensitive data held on the
school systems regarding students, staff and governors. All adults will ensure that they take
reasonable measures to ensure that no data is disclosed accidentally or deliberately. No
copies of data regarding personnel or students will be retained on any personal device
including a home computer, USB stick, or any other portable storage. When working on
school data remotely, including at home, every effort will be made to ensure it is not
disclosed to or accessed by anyone else.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – Staff are permitted to use their own personal IT
equipment in school at the discretion of the Academy Headteacher. The use of any
personal device on school grounds or if being used for a work related activity is subject to
the same principles of ‘unacceptable’ use as any device owned by the school or the Trust.


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