Restorative Justice Programme

Here at Everton Free School we recognise the importance of peace in our school community.
In our peaceful school and classroom environments everybody feels safe, Teaching and Learning are enhanced and academic attainment and performance rises.
However we recognise on occasion we may encounter conflict, as and when it does arise we use a Restorative Conference to resolve the matter and de-escalate the situation.
Our students learn to alternatively resolve and de-escalate conflict in a peaceful manner rather than escalation and the resulting consequences.
Through discussion with our stake-holders we have designed our own bespoke and personalised approach to Restorative Justice.
  1. The member of staff identifies the situation to their respective Head of Department.
  2. A letter is sent out to the student and the date and time of the conference is agreed.
  3. The Head of Department mediates the conference and the situation is resolved.
  4. We track, monitor and assess the impact of the conference through our SIMS system.
All staff are in the process of completing our formal Restorative Justice training with The International Institute for Restorative Practices.