Our curriculum offers a balanced combination of challenge and choice. Students have regular on-going and structured access to the core subjects of English, Maths and Science which are delivered creatively and in varied contexts.


The paramount aim of the curriculum at our School is to ensure a non-compromising focus on core learning (English, Maths and Science) and to support students make positive additional curriculum choices to nurture a love for learning. Through its affiliation with Everton Football Club, the School places a strong emphasis on Sport and PE. Additionally, we work with our partners to promote other curriculum areas such as the arts, hair and beauty, construction and child care.

Schemes of Work are designed to differentiate for a range of abilities allowing students the ability to move faster or slower according to individual profiles. We measure progress regularly and allow students a weekly opportunity to assess this with their assigned tutor. At KS4, our full-time, permanent students have the opportunity to work towards GCSE qualifications or equivalent.

Everton Free School values the concept that knowledge can fall outside traditional subject boundaries and that learning can be achieved and organised in different ways. Our curriculum includes opportunities for projects that draw on several subject perspectives. We also ensure that teachers have opportunities to get involved with subjects other than their own.

In our alternative provision context, bespoke learning packages are an important component of the student experience at the School. Our aim is to balance challenge with choice. This is reflected in our curriculum offer.

Full details of our curriculum can be found here.