Pastoral Care

We give students daily opportunities to develop positive attitudes about themselves and the world around them.


We provide exceptional levels of pastoral support to our students through daily opportunities for them to review and reflect on their progress and consider the Information, Advice and Guidance offered to them. Each student is assigned a Tutor who takes a lead in monitoring individual student welfare and progress.

Tutor groups are organised into groups of no more than 10 students. However, much of the pastoral support is offered on a one-to-one basis.  There are weekly FA Tutor sessions which allows additional one to one support as required.

Our students are world citizens, proud of their local heritage but ambitious to engage with other young people globally. We also value the importance of promoting e-safety and using technology as a positive part of student learning and well-being.

The safety and well-being of our students is an absolute priority for every member of staff at the School. We provide rigorous training in this area and work closely with the DfE to ensure safeguarding procedures are fully up to date. Click here to review latest DfE guidance.

The School’s Designated Safeguarding Lead is Deputy Principal, Claire Lamontange. The School’s Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead is Anna Wilcox. Mike Curtis is our Educational Psychologist. We are also supported by a full time behaviour team.