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Over The Rainbow Competition Winner

Here is the winning entry for our Over The Rainbow diversity competition, written by Brandon:

It was the morning of June 2nd 1996, I had just rolled out of bed and opened my curtains and out the glimpse of my eye I saw an extremely colourful bird sat on some type of perch in front and the biggest and most beautiful rainbow I had ever seen. I quickly rushed into the bathroom jumped in the shower and got myself dressed to go attempt to find the bird to get a closer look. I rocketed down the stairs and began to fill my bag with drinks and snacks for my adventure. I pumped up my bike tyres and was on my way in the direction as to where I saw the bird through the woods. I understood my chances of finding the bird was very slim but I had to try find it or at least find the perch the bird was stood on.

As I was racing through the woods I realized I had football training in less than 30 minutes, so I brought my bike to a screaming halt and turned around. My hunt for the bird was far from over! As I got to training I could see one of teammates looking very nervous and anxious, so I approached to ask if he was feeling alright, but as he was about to tell me something he kind of stuttered and looked a little hesitant to say anything. After a few short seconds he told me that he was bi-sexual but felt a little nervous to tell the team as he didn’t know how they would take the news.

So after training I messaged the team group chat on WhatsApp and told everyone to come round to my house on their push bikes. When they arrived I packed bottles of water in everyone’s bag and had them help me with my hunt for the bird, as saw this as a perfect opportunity to tell the boys that a member of our team was bi-sexual and get their opinion on diversity – LGBTQ. We were discussing the issue and the lads really didn’t seem to bothered they just said it doesn’t change someone as a person because of their sexuality. I was really surprised.

As team captain I decided to think of ways that show our team supporting LGBTQ. The idea then came to me that we could wear rainbow laced boots and I could change the stripes on my captain’s band from black and white to rainbow for the next game. As it was our last game of the season, I decided to contact the lads and put my idea across to the boys. They were all up for the rainbow laces to show their support.

It came to game day, all the lads were ready and rearing to go to win the game. Everyone’s boots had rainbow laces, so I spoke to the lad who told me he was bi-sexual and asked him if we win the game could we tell the boys.

“No matter what win, lose or draw I’ll tell the boys after this game because I feel ready,” he said.

So I told the boys that after the game everyone would find out who is bi-sexual and they all seemed very excited and giddy but I reminded them that we still had a game to win.

It was coming to the end of the game and we had dominated in every aspect of the game from start to finish, as we heard the referees whistle we dropped to the floor in exhaustion. We got up and celebrated the victory and started heading back to the dressing rooms.

Everyone was sat in the dressing room chatting about the game. I remembered it was time to let the boys know which one of the lads was bi-sexual and before I even got to say anything James stood up and just told all the lads it was him. He was nervous to tell everyone because he was scared they wouldn’t want to talk to him. However, all the lads said the same thing as they said in the forest, that it doesn’t change who he is as a person.

In the end we didn’t resume our search for the bird but I am more than happy that my players know they can come to me about absolutely anything.


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