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Stephen Power – Chaplain to Everton Free School and Elder/Church Leader of Spellow Lane Evangelical Church. Born and raised in Liverpool.

All my working life has been spent in manufacturing: from leather for world famous fashion houses to specialist clothing for the Emergency Services, and from plastic recycling to HMP workshops.

I’ve worked on the outer edges of the Music & Motion Picture Industry and negotiated with national and international companies.

I understand the pressure of work and the balance of the family.

There is a long tradition in non-denominational schools of the Chaplain providing support for pupils, staff and parents without reference to whether or not they are people of faith, as well as being a link to the community of which the school is part. I trust I can continue in that valuable tradition.

Borrowing phrases from colleagues, I hope to be ‘a moral compass’ and ‘a spiritual mentor’ within the school – something we all need at different stages of our lives.

The very presence of the chaplain in the school reminds members of the school community that it is a Christian environment, animated by the Holy Spirit and guided by certain values.

As well as Chaplaincy to EFS, I am Chaplain to a large Liverpool based charity with a proven track record of improving the quality of life for vulnerable and excluded people, and also regularly visit the retail outlets in Church Street, Liverpool, alongside the Mission in the Economy City Centre Chaplains.

I know from my faith and my experience that the ‘Care Package’ that God offers each and every one, brings peace and satisfaction.

I’m married with four children, and an equal number of grandchildren.

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