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Pupil Premium Report 2017-18


Every student with his/her individual needs and gifts is unique.

All members of staff, governors and support staff accept responsibility for all students and are committed to meeting their pastoral, social and academic needs within Everton Free School. This is an essential, integral part of the personal development of the whole school community.

The Government has used students entitled for Free School meals as an indicator for deprivation, and has deployed a fixed amount of money to schools per student, based on the number of students registered for Free School meals.
The premium is provided in order to support student in reaching their potential. At Everton Free School we use the indicator of those eligible for Free School meals as well as identifying vulnerable groups as our target group to ‘close the gap’ in relation to attainment.

The Government is not instructing us on how we should spend this money; it is not ring-fenced and schools ‘are free to spend the Pupil Premium as they see fit’ (Department for Education 2011). At Everton Free School we employ strategies we know will support our students to increase their attainment and ‘close the gap’. Our LAC students are also in receipt of Pupil Premium and the LAC funding is discussed and allocated during the PEP meetings.



In order to meet the above requirements, the Governing Body ensures that provision is made which secures the teaching and learning opportunities meet the needs of all students.

As part of the additional provision made for students who belong to vulnerable groups, the Senior Leadership Team ensure that the needs of socially disadvantaged students are adequately assessed and addressed through termly reviews and progress reports and student needs meetings.

It is important that all of our students, regardless of their socio-economic situation have access to all of the beneficial experiences available in the school. Facilitating student’s access to the curriculum for all students is, therefore, a central part of what we do.

Students must be supported to as great an extent as is possible regardless of their teaching/development needs. One function of the pupil premium is to provide additional teaching and learning opportunities for those students who need them. The cost of giving students experiences to enrich their school lives and engage them socially and academically in all aspects of school life will, where possible, be met from the Pupil Premium.

In particular the Premium will be used to cover the cost of enrichment activities and educational visits (for which a voluntary contribution would usually be requested) and school break activities to help disadvantaged pupils to pursue their interests and keep a level of normality in their lives over these periods away from school. This often takes form of organised sporting and other activities run by providers during the school holidays.

If a student in difficult economic circumstances is in need of additional academic support to enable the access to the curriculum at the level of their peers, then direct intervention in academic support (individual and small group) is paid for by Pupil Premium.

It may also be used to support the funding of specialist learning equipment if necessary. In other words, wherever we see an intervention that would impact positively on the academic and social development of a student in school then we will look to use the Premium to make this happen.


We report half termly on the progress made towards narrowing the gap, for students in receipt of the premium and those working alongside those in receipt of the premium. An outline of the provision that was made during the term since the last meeting. An annotated running total of the breakdown of the expenditure.

We provide effective early intervention and support for pupils in receipt of the premium seen through the fact that the vast majority of children will meet their individual targets.

We encourage effective parental pupil support and involvement.

We have an effective system for identifying, assessing and monitoring pupils from entry to exit.

We have a whole-school approach ensuring all staff are aware of procedures and processes.

We create a positive school atmosphere in which students’ differences are recognised and valued as full members of the school community; developing confident and independent learners.


A-Z Approaches

Everton Free School Approach
Cost Estimate (Per Year)
After school programme
* Stretch, Challenge and Enjoy (SCE)
Aspiration interventions
E.g. London residential
Behaviour interventions (including attendance)
E.g. Blue zone attendance trips
Collaborative learning project
E.g. Digital Broadcasting
Digital technology
IPads, laptops, whiteboards etc.
Individual instruction
Master classes
E.g. Science – JMU
Therapeutic Support Mentor (TSM)
Outdoor adventure learning
Glaciere Maritime Academy (City of Liverpool College, D of E Bronze/Silver/Gold)
Parental involvement
Engagement in activities
School uniform
Social and Emotional support
Therapeutic Engagement Service (TES)
Teaching assistance
Learning subject mentors
Travel assistance to school
Bus passes/ mini bus pick up
* Stretch, Challenge and Enjoy Report – 2017-18


At Everton Free School there’s a programme of extra-curricular support and enrichment activities, which provides exciting opportunities for working together.

The aim is not only to provide more interesting and attractive learning environments for students, but to bring together communities from different backgrounds, through the development of strong relationships with external providers, families and Everton Free School staff.

Hopefully, our Stretch, Challenge and Enjoy programme will become a beacon for the whole Everton Free School community for many years to come.

Here, we recognise that every student is different and that everyone has their own talents and interests. It is our purpose in Stretch, Challenge and Enjoy to ensure that our students discover, explore and reach their full potential in a secure, supportive and stimulating environment, and that we help to equip them and their families with the values, skills, attributes and experiences they ned for personal success and wellbeing in a multicultural society.

Stretch is aimed at students requiring support and SEN students.

Challenge is aimed at higher achievers and our MAS students, and challenges all students about health, fitness and well-being/spirituality.

Enjoy is aimed at students with a particular aptitude, enjoyment and inquisitiveness about a particular topic or pursuit and enjoying rewards for success. It is also an opportunity for student rewards.

SCE is also a route for students to participate in events, workshops and activities outside the curriculum.


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