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Prince Rupert’s Tower

Also known as: 

  • Stewbum’s Palace 
  • Stone Jug 
  • The Roundhouse 
  • Prince Rupert’s Castle 

Opened in 1787 

Grade II listed building 

It was originally built as a village lock up or drunk tank. 

Views of Prince Rupert’s Tower on Everton Brow

Parish Constables would arrest criminals and drunks and lock them up overnight prior to their appearance in front of the magistrates in the morning. 

The Tower fell out of use with the introduction of formal policing in the C19th. 

Named after Prince Rupert of the Rhine, a Civil War leader but built 143 years after he camped nearby to assault Liverpool Castle (1644). 

In 1997 Everton FC paid £15,000 for the restoration of the Rupert Tower which has appeared on their badge at various times since 1938. 


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