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Free to Choose

Each Friday students are given the chance to follow a ‘Free to Choose’ study programme either at Everton Free School or through an external provider. Subjects offered help to develop creativity, work place skills and enhance classroom learning, putting theory into practice.

We ensure that our ‘Free to Choose’ options are fit for purpose and monitor the quality of this provision to ensure high standards of teaching and learning, and that the student experience, involvement, engagement, achievement and attainment are nothing but the best.

These are the different choices that are available to students:

Art & Design

Our students have the option of completing a range of Art & Design qualifications including WJEC GCSE Art & Design, NCFE Level 1 and Level 2 Award in Creative Craft.

There are a number of avenues students can take when completing NCFE creative Craft such as Textiles, Floristry, Cake decorating and Art & Design.

Within Art, the qualifications aim to extend and further develop students’ skills, extend students’ knowledge and understanding of the creative craft process and demonstrate Health and Safety throughout.

Students explore raw materials, evaluate their own work, develop ideas and learning through the craft process; and have the opportunity to display pieces of art work throughout the school, giving students a sense of pride and ownership of their achievements.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

“The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award has helped countless young people on their sometimes difficult path to adulthood.”

The D of E has a positive impact on young people’s lives, in terms of their personal development and employability, and on wider society, from charities gaining active and engaged volunteers to businesses hiring work-ready recruits
We provide the opportunity for students to gain their Duke of Edinburgh Award in a caring and positive environment.

“Doing the duke of Edinburgh has inspired me to apply for the Royal Navy, where I can use my outdoor knowledge which I have gained from my Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, and skills including map-reading and building shelters.”
Curtis Haslem.

Some activities which have taken place on the Duke of Edinburgh include walking, water sports and volunteering:

  • Walking at Moel Famau and Rivington Pike
  • Water Sports at Liverpool Watersports Centre
  • Volunteering at Daisy UK (DAISY initially stood for Disability Awareness Introducing Sport to Youngsters)


Key Stage 4: Our Year 10 and 11 students complete the NCFE Employability Award in Basic Makeup Application.
Students learn how to set up their makeup station professionally and how to observe hygiene rules for each client.

They research skin types and face shapes so they can build knowledge on the best application for each individual client.

The main objectives of this unit are:

  • Hygiene
  • Skin types
  • Set up
  • Application

Inside the City

We have designed and created an integrated humanities programme of study accredited by NCFE.
The course offers a holistic, alternative and creative approach to the delivery of Religious Education, Science, Maths, History, Geography, English, Physical Education, Architecture and Media Studies, and covers the following modules of study:

1. The Past, Present and Future of The City of Liverpool.
2. The Past, Present and Future of Transportation in Liverpool.
3. The Past, Present and Future of Religious Communities in Liverpool.
4. The Past, Present and Future of Sport, Entertainment, Culture and Arts in Liverpool
5. The Past, Present and Future of Educational Establishments and Learning
6. The Past, Present and Future of Science, Technology and Maths.

Our students spend the first hour of the three-hour session in the classroom researching a particular topic. The following two hours are spent visiting sites and ‘bringing learning to life’.

Students create a portfolio of information and evidence to meet the unit assessment criteria and their work is internally and externally marked, standardised and verified to ensure maximum quality assurance.

For further information on the subjects currently being studied please click here.


Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair – Level 1 Diploma

This course involves a combination of practical and written work to enable students to develop their potential and provides a springboard into a career in the vehicle repair industry.

Students learn to service and repair a wide range of motor vehicles and will also gain experience of working with motor cycles.

  • Study units include:
  • Health and safety
  • Tools and equipment
  • Spark and compression ignition engines
  • Cooling and lubrication
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Braking systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Ignition systems on both petrol and diesel vehicles


Key Stage 4: Year 10 and 11 students currently follow the NCFE Music Technology Award

DJing is a core element of the music programme offered at Everton Free School.

  • Students learn the basics of DJing and the following skills:
  • Mixing techniques including ‘beat matching’ and ‘looping’
  • How to set up a DJ station
  • How the various components interact with each other

We currently have three DJ stations set up in the music room, all with different functions and offering a variety of effects and methods in which songs can be mixed and DJ sets can be built.

Students build their record libraries from songs within their own collections and others sourced from the internet. Each student works on a six-song DJ set, which is performed in school.

Professional DJs come in to school regularly to perform for the students and work with them on a one-to-one basis.
Students also have the opportunity to learn how to play piano, sing, play drums and guitar. These can be taught as a group or in a one-to-one lesson after school if the student feels he/she needs more time.

During music lessons students often go into Liverpool to learn about the history of music in our city and discover new talent by watching live music.

Some of our Year 11 students have been accepted into various music colleges in Liverpool to further their study of the subject.

The Prince’s Trust

The Prince’s Trust Achieve programme is a flexible provision for 11-19-year-olds who are experiencing challenges with attendance, attainment or motivation and may be at risk of exclusion or not attaining the grades they are capable of.

It is designed to help young people who are struggling to develop important character skills through relevant, engaging and informal learning, and connect them with the world of work.

Students will have access to a qualified construction tutor, available at all their Free to Choose sessions. They will also be a part of various community projects throughout the city – for example providing a wheelchair accessible allotment for one of our local SEND schools – and they will gain joinery and gardening skills as part of projects in the community and enterprise.

Prince’s Trust groups in the past have completed projects alongside companies like Merseyrail and Merseytravel, as well as Everton in the Community.

As part of the programme, students explore the following:

  • Personal and social development – by working in small groups you are able to meet new people and make new friends
  • Life skills – through fun and interactive sessions, you will learn how to manage money, be healthy and stay safe
  • Active citizenship – working as part of a team to make a difference to your local community
  • Enterprise project – this is a Dragons’ Den-style challenge which puts your entrepreneurial skills to the test
  • Preparation for work – learning how to create a tip-top CV, practice for future interviews and explore your skills and talents


Sport at Everton Free School aims to develop pupils’ competence and confidence to take part in a range of physical activities that become a central part of their lives, both in and out of school.

Our sport curriculum aims to enable all pupils to enjoy and succeed in many kinds of physical activity: in lessons you will develop a wide range of skills, strategies and compositional ideas to perform successfully and, when you are performing, think about what you are doing, analyse the situation and make decisions.

You also reflect on their own and others’ performances and find ways to improve them.

In our sport and extra-curricular programmes, pupils learn about the key concepts of physical education, which are:

  • Competence
  • Performance
  • Creativity
  • Healthy, active lifestyles

And they learn about the key processes that underpin these:

  • Developing skills
  • Making and applying decisions
  • Developing physical and mental capacity
  • Evaluating and improving
  • Making informed choices

Each student receives two hours of entitlement to core PE every week (two lessons).

For those students who choose sport as an Option, a further three hours are added.

For Free to Choose Friday, students can choose sport for a further three hours and aim to obtain an accredited qualification – Level 1-2 NCFE in Health and Fitness.

Everton Free School is also entered into a Football League run by Liverpool County FA in which students compete against 14 other Alternative Provision schools.

We also work with local boxing clubs including Anfield and Liverpool North Boxing Clubs – those students who opt to choose boxing within core sport lessons can work towards the England Junior Boxers Leaders Award.

Sports include: Dance (leading to a Sports Leaders UK Dance Award), badminton, football, dodgeball, table tennis and boxing.


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