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For further information on our most recent activities please see below or contact Rob Anderson at rob.anderson@evertonfreeschool.com

June 2019 update

During the last 18 months, Everton Free School students have been helping to create an outdoor space accessible for everyone at Redbridge High School.

Stage 1


As part of our first phase of our project, the students transformed the area surrounding the donated planters. Pathways dug out, levelled and paved so that all students can access the planters ready for the summer months.

The team had to consider how to make sure the pathways were suitable for wheelchair users. This meant taking time to ensure that the flags were level to avoid hazards.


This was the finished work. Pathways installed. Jack, our youngest student, taking great pride in what he and the rest of the team have achieved.

Working alongside Redbridge students showing them how to dig safely while gaining an understanding of working with students with specific needs.

Stage Two:


Stage two of the project involved the installation of a donated poly tunnel.

Students from EFS prepared the area for the installation of the tunnel.


Redbridge students will be able to use the poly tunnel to grow vegetables and plants all year round! EFS Students will be providing a potting table and planters so that the greenhouse is fully functional.

Impact of the project

Over the 18 months the project has grown and student engagement has increased from 3 or 4 students to 12 students (around 10% of school population). EFS students have learned the value of being inclusive; they have gained a greater understanding of SEN pupils and how to support them.

Students have worked alongside Redbridge students, showing them the work they have done and helping them to gain new skills but more importantly creating new friendships.

In December 2018 a student at Redbridge celebrated their 18th birthday, Students from EFS were keen to celebrate the occasion themselves and came together to buy a birthday present for Lee, affectionately known as ‘gaffer’. This meant going into the Liverpool FC club shop in our Everton kits!!

One of our original students Ben who has joined Everton Football College still attends the project when his college timetable allows. In recent times Ben has expressed his desire to ‘give something back’ and wishes to become a teaching assistant supporting students with Special Educational Needs.

Future Plans

We are far from finished with our work at Redbridge. We want to strengthen the connection between the two schools. We want to continue to support the development of outdoor learning at Redbridge and continue to collaborate.

Most importantly, the students from EFS want to continue this relationship. They have never been told to attend, they choose to do so. They want to be part of the project and it is refreshing to see young people who in their own way want to make a difference.

In the future we want to create an outdoor area for Bushcraft activities, and ensure that the Polytunnel has all the equipment it needs to be fully functioning.  

The most important thing we want to continue is that students enjoy attending and continue to enjoy helping others.

Over the past 18 months our students have been everything that the school stands for: “Nothing but the best” while showing Resilience, Respect and Responsibility.

February 2019 update

In November 2018 we were delighted to welcome Prince’s Trust Chief Executive Officer Wayne Orr to meet our fantastic Prince’s Trust team. We recently received feedback on the visit and we are delighted with the recognition of the fantastic achievements of all our Prince’s Trust team.

“Having visited Everton Free School and seen their tremendous work with young people first hand, I am delighted with the quality of their provision and the absolute dedication to their pupils. In addition, the school is modern, welcoming and I was impressed with the good behaviour of the young people that I met there. I am proud that the school have embraced Prince’s Trust’s Achieve programme and we are part of the excellent work carried out there”

In addition to this the group was provided with a plaque to commemorate the fantastic work our students have done in their community.

We are delighted to continue to offer the Achieve Programme as part of our F2C and Options sessions. Well done to all of the team.

January 2019 update

Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Before Christmas we did what is now becoming our annual Christmas Shoebox Appeal as part of our British Values lessons. Our students wrapped old shoeboxes and filled them with essentials for our local homeless centres, just in time for Christmas! The Seel St Missionaries homeless centre in Liverpool gratefully received our shoeboxes. Well done to everybody involved. 

Redbridge Project

Stage One of our Prince’s Trust Redbridge Project has been to work together with Redbridge High School to provide their students with an allotment that is accessible to everybody! Students from EFS alongside students at Redbridge have worked together to dig, mix and pave their way to a wheelchair friendly allotment. Student have braved all the elements to create a space that everyone can be proud of and they were rightly rewarded with a day out at the Fishing Lake and a chance to test their resilience at Total Warrior Manchester. Well done everybody and there is lots left for us to create!

If you would like to collaborate with our Prince’s Trust group in community projects like this one please email Rob.anderson@evertonfreeschool.com


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